Top software companies in Lebanon

Oct 12, 2023

Best software development companies in Lebanon:

  • Ete-services

  • ETE Services is a boutique IT firm that provides end to end and bespoke solutions to startups, small and medium sized enterprises (SMBs), SMEs, as well as large organizations.
    They have the best fullstack developers who will:
    - Plan your project (Strategy, Market study, Growth ...)
    - Design your UX/UI
    - Design your architecture
    - Design your structure
    - Setup your infrastructure
    - Setup your Database on the cloud
    - Develop your backend
    - Develop your frontend website / webapp
    - Develop your mobile application
    - Develop your CMS (Content Management System) / Admin tool
    - Deploy your projects
    - Deploy your Daemons
    - Submit your applications to the app store and to the google play store
    - Setup your analytics tools

  • Eurisko

  • Services Eurisko ideates, strategizes, designs, and develops digital solutions, accelerating the digital transformation of businesses in Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Lebanon, US and the rest of the world.
    Mobile App Development: Eurisko have a decade-long experience in developing advanced mobile apps using native frameworks, React Native and Flutter.
    Enterprise Web Development: We develop enterprise-level web portals and apps using microservice architecture and leading programming languages, platforms, and tools.
    Digital Consultancy: Eurisko consult companies on strategies, tools, and ideas for a visionary and smart adoption of digital transformation.
    Artificial Intelligence & Data Analytics: Their engineers and scientists bridge the gap between data and intelligence through cutting-edge AI, machine learning and data science.
    Metaverse & Mixed Reality: Eurisko help businesses establish themselves in the metaverse and deliver fully immersive experiences to their customers.
    User Experience & User Interface Design: Eurisko design the UI/UX of web portals, apps, and games using a user-centric approach, and applying the latest trends in the industry.
    Gaming: Eurisko believe in the power of gaming and gamification to entertain, educate, and engage users to achieve business goals.
    IoT & Smart Cities: Eurisko develop and maintain intuitive and highly secure Internet of Things (IoT) systems for smart cities and various industries.

  • Tedmob

  • Tedmob is a new kind of Agency: Uniting Business, Experience & Technology. Their digital transformation services support your business from consultancy to design, delivery and beyond.
    Tedmob ensure a user-friendly Interface because they understand that only a perfect Digital Solution Design can Lead to a perfect Development.
    No matter the solution, Tedmob developers and engineers combine agile product development with the latest frameworks to reduce your technical debt and build scalable solutions that work for your users and your business. We create intuitive, simple, and engaging experiences for all users, on any screen size – and from any device
    Tedmob love experimenting with emerging tech, which ensures to turn validated requirements into brilliant experiences. Their developers and engineers combine agile product development with the latest frameworks to deploy smarter experiences faster than the competition.
    Tedmob deliver rich & high quality Services by combining Business requirements and Core Coding for best Customized Digital Transformation Solutions.
    Growth maximizes the ROI on digital products. Tedmob helps you to find your audience and attract new users with targeted growth plans. They dive into the data to understand how they interact with your products and identify opportunities to improve engagement and drive retention.

  • Compu-vision

  • Compu-vision develop websites that grow your business
    Web Development: From website design to development, they will assist you in creating a website that will generate leads & business.
    Mobile App Development: Mobile application development for business, entertainment, self-help, information and any other purpose you may require.
    Software Development: Compu-vision software applications are resourceful and robust to ensure your business objectives are met and exceeded.Agile - Scalable - Flexible.
    With more than 15 years of experience, COMPU-VISION provides you with a team of experts in each field of information technology, from website, mobile application UI/UX and development, software solutions, artificial intelligence to IT consultancy. They tailor their approach based on the project and requirements and client's needs.

Check Ete-services website and get a free quotation here.

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