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Covid Adaptations
La Tomatina
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Our solutions are customized for any industry: Crypto, Banking, E-Commerce, Media, News, Insurance, Public Sector, Health, Food, Accounting among others.



Limelines brings the region’s fresh stories into one place, for our readers to keep them informed and inspired about many interests they love. We curate content by partnering with the region’s greatest publishers, from newspapers writing about business and economy to bloggers writing about food and fashion. Our content is organized and personalized to our audience for continuous reading and knowledge exchange with our digital millennials and beyond.

Content Center

A content management system (CMS) is software that helps users create, manage, and modify content on a website without the need for technical knowledge. In other words, a CMS lets you build a website without needing to write code from scratch (or even know how to code at all).

La Tomatina

Track the latest news and disputes that triggers you. Express yourself anonymously. Participate in the polls and monitor the disapproval ratings


Buy, sell and transfer crypto to anyone instantly. Spend anywhere in the world with our Debit Card*

Fabric Protocol

Shop Europe's top clothing. Find the most fashionable clothing for men, women and kids

Dr. Michel Daher

Dr. Michel portfolio website is a sleek and intuitive platform showcasing of his work and expertise in a clean, user-friendly interface. It features a curated selection of his best projects, each accompanied by detailed descriptions, visuals and highlighting your skills.

Most Beautiful Women Alive

Gallery website visually captivating diverse collection of artworks, providing artists with an elegant space to exhibit their creations. It features intuitive navigation and interactive elements, making it easy for visitors to explore, appreciate and download.

Gaza Live News

Dynamic platform that offers real-time updates and in-depth analysis across a wide range of topics, including Gaza politics live news, stocks, and crypto updates.


Measurement based care in behavioral health. Internal tool for doctors and patients to fill out forms, submit, have reviewed and a place to communicate.

E-Receipty & Digi App

Two internal applications which facilitates effortless creation of PDF documents through an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, streamlining the design process. It also offers seamless sharing capabilities, allowing bank employees to easily distribute their documents to clients, enhancing collaboration and communication efficiency.


Gallery website visually captivating culture and heritage of Kafaraabida through a meticulously curated collection of images, districts and videos.


Connecting hungry users with a wide assortment of local restaurants, offering an intuitive platform for browsing menus, placing orders and tracking deliveries in real time.

Perfect Date

Innovative dating application leveraging advanced AI algorithms to match individuals based on deep compatibility across shared interests, values, and psychological profiles, ensuring meaningful connections.

Covid Adaptations

Sexual, Reproductive, Maternal and Newborn Health adaptations during the COVID-19 pandemic. A repository of ideas, adaptations and lessons learned across the globe.

Time Tracker

A time tracking application designed by Ete-services to monitor and enhance employee productivity by providing detailed insights into how work hours are allocated and spent on various tasks and projects. Agile at its best.


Website and mobile app for electricity companies to generate invoices, automatically calculate billing amounts, apply any relevant tariffs or discounts and produce itemized statements for each customer.

Clients handshake
  • Priscilla Kareh
    Best software development company in the mena region!
  • Alexandra Semaan
    Best web app development company in Lebanon! Trustworthy and professional team! We worked together on a relatively small project, everything went super smoothly. Would certainly pick Ete-services for any next website or mobile application project.
  • Joyce Jabbour
    Top software development company in Lebanon. Web3, blockchain, Artificial intelligence, mobile application and desktop web application! Strongest team of developers!
  • Lara Elkhoury
    Best custom software developers. Worked on a project with Ete services, they have the best experts in software development in the middle east.
  • Nicolas El Khoury
    ETE services raised the bar high in digital transformation: a professional team, latest technologies and practices employed, and a visionary leader.
  • Michel Daher
    Very professional team. Helpful all the way. I highly recommend there services.
  • Noura Bou Francis
    Best web development in Lebanon.
  • Rana Riachi
    Best software development Team. They have the best fullstack developers, devops and engineers. Highly recommended.
  • Charbel Feghali
    Best software development and devops services in Lebanon.
  • Ghady Georges
    ETE services is a very professional firm in the IT/Software development industry, I had the privilege to deal with their highly-skilled professional team on my project and they have exceeded all expectations and achieved all milestones from beating deadlines to superb -end solutions which enhanced our clients’ customer experience. ETE optimal workflow blended fully with our own structure and allowed us to develop the product profitably in time and within budget. We definitely recommend to work with ETE as an all-round software expert delivering high- end reliable quality products and processes. Best web company in lebanon
  • Rana Nicolas
    Best software development company in Lebanon. I visited them after having a very bad experience with another company, the level of professionalism and help they showed was unparalleled.
  • Rami Ibrahim
    Ete-services really went above and beyond to solve this complex issue in a timely manner. I can tell you’re committed to our clients, and our team, and I really appreciate it. highly recommend to work with this amazing team.
  • Rudy Rahbany
    Definitely one of the best software development companies in lebanon. We've worked with many other software companies, developers and freelancers, nothing compares.
  • Tamarah Kteily
    Highly professional! The best in Lebanon.
  • Berna Nehme
    One of the greatest software comapnies in Lebanon. Thank you.
  • Rita ElKhoury
    Hands down the best web development company out there! This is a team of passionate highly skilled young professionals with big attention to detail and great communication with the customer. Their depth of knowledge and expertise exceeded our expectations. They quickly understood our needs and saw our vision and delivered our company’s page design in a very timely manner. I would totally recommend Ete-services to everyone.
  • Jean Ibrahim
    Strongly recommended professional, talented and such a committed team of developers. The best in Lebanon and in the middle east!
  • Michel Boutros
    One of the finest software companies in Lebanon.
  • Adel Kanaan
    Super dedicated team! Hard workers delivering updates 24/7. A super user friendly mobile application and website were provided, and they took our SEO performance to a totally different level!
  • Victoria Yazbeck
    The team has done a great job taking our ideas and developing a website as per our complex french specifications. The communication was clear and smooth. Technically strong and creative team. Thank you!
  • Youssef El Beyeh
    One of the best software companies in lebanon.
  • Mansour Albedah
    We've worked with many software development companies in the middle east, Ete-services is the best one so far. Extremely skilled developers and project managers. Greatly exceeded expectations.
  • Anthony Karam
    Haven't ever felt the 8 hours time difference between Texas and Lebanon! Such a committed team! Very professional.. I am very satisfied with the performance! Thank you so much
  • Elie Fares
    The app that the team creating was perfect and everything I needed. They designed a wholesale app for B2B. It was very easy to understand, easy process, no hidden fees and delivered above and beyond our expectations
  • Tony Attieh
    I'v dealt with many software development firms in lebanon, the best so far!
  • Patrick Daher
    Great team. Highly talented. Timely and professional delivery
  • Joe Kanaan
    Deep expertise and domain knowledge.
  • Christophe El-Khoury
    Showcased amazing technical expertise!
  • Joe Sleiman
    Thank you for your services! Best support
  • Antoine Daher
    Young talented software developers in Batroun!
  • Antoinette Rouphael
    Knowledgeable skilful developers!
  • Houssam Rouaiheb
    Very satisfied!
  • Rudy Khoury
    Best service 👍 …
  • Tony Khoury
    One of the best
  • Vanessa Kteily
    Very professional. Amazing team. Trust worthy.
  • Jad Kanaan
    Highly recommended.
  • Leopold Daher
    Team was extremely professional and timely. Communication was very efficient every step of the way.
  • Tony Chaccour
  • Roger Kozhaya
  • Monica Bakhos
  • Najia-Maria Assaf
  • Amani Shkeir
  • Paul Daher
  • Leila Daher
  • Grece Dib
  • John Feghaly
  • Elie Nehme
  • Fadi Mina
  • Tony Bakhos
  • Amani Dibo
  • Roger Boutros
  • Jean Salim
  • Mireille Assaf
  • Youssef Sadek
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